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The Birth of a Mission…

Ferguson Christian Church began its mission of loving God and loving people in 1949.  Their small congregation met in a small rented facility that was located on Church Street in Ferguson, Missouri.  Their mission was to take the word of God to the people of Ferguson.  They were dedicated to spreading God’s word both at home and abroad.

As the congregation grew they rented the Hereford House located at 303 N. Elizabeth Ave.  The congregation fellowshipped at the Hereford House until 1957 this was when the first sanctuary was built.  While still maintaining the Hereford House, church member Luke Perrine, and others, as well as including input from Jennings Christian Church, founded St. Louis Christian College.  The college later purchased land and moved to its current location off Dunn Road.

Four years after the sanctuary was built the church continued to expand and built on an education wing.  This allowed for Sunday School classes, Wednesday night fellowships and various other church activities.

In the tradition of its sixty-three year history, Ferguson Christian Church continues to expand and strengthen its ministry both at home and abroad.  FCC sponsors many missionaries throughout the world in places such as Africa, Taiwan, Mexico and many others.  They have not forgotten the need here at home and sponsor mission work in Ferguson and St. Louis City.

In 2011 a tornado destroyed the original sanctuary on Good Friday.  Although the building was destroyed those who were there that evening know that they were protected by the Grace of God.  Undaunted, FCC pushed forward and in little over a year later the new sanctuary was rebuilt and the members of Ferguson Christian Church have grown and continue to spread their mission of “Loving God – Loving People”

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  1. Dave Wynne says:

    I really enjoyed my Lord’s Day with you this past week. Kingston is a very good speaker, and, from what I can tell, a very Bible-orientated man. You all keep up the good work, and I will look forward to spending another Lord’s day with you, the next time I visit Eric!

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