Thalimene – Common Connection After Party

At the Common Connection worship night on July 27th there was a new element after the band played. A different band had been invited to perform a few songs AFTER Common Connection was done. This will likely be a regular occurrence at worship music nights moving forward. For this first time, the band invited was called Thalimene. They are a local heavy metal band covering popular Christian bands such as Fireflight, Skillet, and Kutless.

You read that correctly. Our church hosted a heavy metal “screamer” band. As Karen was promoting the music night at services the previous week, she made sure to warn those with sensitive ears that it was going to be ridiculously loud.

And it was. And it was also very good, if you want my personal opinion. This style of music may not be what everyone likes or would choose to listen to. However, the youth (and young-at-heart) like it, for the most part. I grew up listening to grunge and heavy metal of various roughness when the mood struck. So to hear this style of playing paired with a Christian message in the lyrics was refreshing.

If you missed that night, here are two videos taken of Thalimene’s performance.

Learn more about Common Connection.

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