St. Louis Tornado Damage Assesment Tool

In preparation for our upcoming revival and dedication service, I was going back through some of the links and news items from the weeks following the tornado on Good Friday, 2011. I stumbled upon this web page hosted by Washington University that has an interactive map with aerial photography from before and after the tornado. Obviously, you can see something similar to this on Google Maps. If you find our church at a certain zoom level and you can see the cleanup progress in process. The construction fence is up and the sanctuary has been gutted down to the bare floor. If you then zoom in, the map switches modes to a special 45° angle which uses higher quality photos. These pictures are a bit older, possibly also from 2010. The old roof is still there and so are all the trees.

But the Washington University aerial photos were taken within days of the tornado. The roof debris have been removed, the downed trees are still being cut up and the ruined sanctuary is still filled with pews and … everything else. There are dumpsters around and tarps up, but the construction fence is not up, as we hadn’t even spoken to any contractors yet. Compared together, these pictures tell the story of our last year and a half. If you want to check out the Wash U. pictures, you can’t really “search” for our address, but definitely go to the St. Louis Tornado Damage Assessment Tool. Zoom in until you spot the airport and then follow the faint damage trail west. You should hit Florissant Rd. and see the lake at January-Wabash. Follow that around Chambers until you see familiar stuff.

For those that get lost, I’ll try and post some screen shots of these images and post them back to the site in a gallery. Until next time…

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